CBG Isolate Tincture with CBD Isolate


  • CBG:CBD Isolate Tincture 1:1.
  • Mint Flavored Tincture.
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested.
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CBG, aka cannabigerol, is quickly becoming one of the most popular and fastest growing cannabinoids of choice. This cannabinoid pairs great with the most popular cannabinoid, CBD. We offer a 1:1 ratio with 500mg CBG and 500mg CBD totaling 1000mg. This tincture also is naturally flavored with mint. CBG may just be the king of all cannabinoids.

This recipe is vegan, alcohol free, and organic. Also, this CBD recipe is keto certified. Over 50mg of CBG and CBD per serving on our 1000mg strength. 0% THC in this product. We never add any additives sugar, dairy, or gluten.

500mg = 250mg CBD & 250mg CBG

1000mg = 500mg CBD & 500mg CBG

2000mg = 1000mg CBD & 1000mg CBG


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500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg

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