Sublingual tinctures are one of the most popular ways to ingest CBD and cannabinoids. Our tinctures are made with organic triple distilled MCT oil made from 100% coconut. A lot of MCT oil comes from palm oil unfortunately. We have many different types of tinctures that would be sure to fit your individual needs. First we have full spectrum tinctures, which is the best choice if looking to take advantage of the most possible cannabinoids. There are over 120 total cannabinoids and full spectrum would contain the most possible cannabinoids because it is the first step in the processing of the hemp plant. Full Spectrum will however have a much stronger earthy taste to it and will contain trace amounts of THC, but is below the legal limit and farm bill compliant. Next we have Broad Spectrum tinctures, which is very similar to full spectrum but during this step in the process we are able to eliminate the THC completely, so broad spectrum tinctures will contain 0% THC. Also, the taste is a lot more mild because the solution transforms from an oil to a distillate. Broad spectrum is still a great choice for total cannabinoid experience. We have also added CBG based tinctures, which are a great choice for a tincture to use in the morning and throughout the day. CBG is becoming one of the most popular cannabinoids and a lot of research is still being conducted. Lastly, we offer CBN based tinctures, which are meant for nighttime and to induce sleep.

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